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ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online Training 

We have found solution based training achieves the highest long term success rate. Each of our standard ArcGIS classes is a 2 hour session including overview, demonstration, hands-on exercise with step-by-step instructions, and question and answer session. We typically teach them using WebEx, with each participant at their own desk participating remotely. Once core competency is achieved, we schedule applied training sessions to work with participants on their own data and project. These are targeted at new GIS users, and are useful for experienced GIS users who have not yet worked with Portal for ArcGIS or hosted ArcGIS Online. 

Our ArcGIS Online web classes can be combined in different ways to learn methods for each of these objectives. ​

Cost per standard web class is $50 per participant, with a minimum of 3 participants per class. 

ArcGIS Online Functionality 

  • Introduction to ArcGIS Online 
  • Working with Maps in ArcGIS Online 
  • Working with ArcGIS Online Applications 
  • Preparing and Working with CSV Files and Geocoding in ArcGIS Online 
  • Introduction to Geocoding Addresses 
  • Enrich Layers with Spatial Analysis 
  • Working with Pop-ups, Images and Document Links 
  • Overlay Spatial Analysis 
  • Buffer Spatial Analysis 
  • Find Existing & Summarize Nearby Spatial Analysis 
  • Density & Hotspot Spatial Analysis 
  • Creating and Editing Map Notes 
  • Editing Feature Services 
  • Demographic and Economic Analysis 
  • Geoenrichment and Infographics 

ArcGIS Online Applications 

  • Introduction to Esri Maps for Office
  • GIS analysis U​​​sing Excel in Esri Maps for office 
  • GeoPlanner  
  • Collector 
  • Story Map Series 
  • Filter and Finder 
  • Map Comparison 
  • Summary Viewer 
  • Impact Summary 
  • Web App Builder 
  • Geoforms 
  • Mobile Apps on IOS and Android 
  • Citizen Input and Crowdsourcing 
  • Elevation Analysis and Viewshed Modeling 

Solutions with ArcGIS Online 

  • Telecommunications FCC Reporting (Form 477) Using Esri Maps for Office 

Administering ArcGIS Online Organizations 

  • Setting up and Configuring your ArcGIS for Organizations Site 
  • Best Practices for Administering ArcGIS for Organizations Sites 

ArcGIS Desktop 

  • Introduction to the ArcGIS Desktop Interface 
  • Preparing and Working with CSV Files and Geocoding 
  • Introduction to Geodatabases 
  • Working with Geodatabase Tables in ArcGIS 
  • Introduction to Map Labels and Annotation 
  • Introduction to Map Editing 
  • Geocoding Addresses with Streetmap Premium for ArcGIS 
  • Authoring Map Layouts 
  • Creating Custom Base Maps and Map Tile Services 
  • Creating Map Books with Data Driven Pages 
  • Publishing Feature Services for ArcGIS Online Web Services 
  • Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop 
  • Introduction to Projected and Geographic Coordinate Systems 
  • Introduction to Modelbuilder ​