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​​​​​​​ArcGIS Online Start Up Packs​​


We can assist you in setting up, implementing, and administering your ArcGIS for Organizations Subscription.   

We offer 2 hour web based hands-on training webinars on all aspects of ArcGIS Online (See session offerings​) We will work with you to put together a custom kick start package that meets your needs.

This powerful new web based GIS solution from Esri allows anyone in your organization, or those you work with to use maps and spatial information. You can easily publish web maps and applications within your organization and for the public.

ArcGIS online is more than simple web maps, it is also an entire ecosystem of open, authoritative data at scales ranging from local to global.

EsriReseller.jpgGeodata Services is an Esri Authorized 
Reseller of Esri Desktop Licensed Product

  • ArcGIS Basic
  • Spatial Analyst
  • 3D Analyst
  • Business Analyst Basic and Advanced
  • Streetmap Pro
  • Navteq Streets
  • TomTom Streets


Trial Evaluation and Overview Webinar 
Includes a free trial evaluation, and an ArcGIS Online overview webinar. Introductory webinars are scheduled monthly. 

Introduction to ArcGIS Online 
This is designed to introduce you to ArcGIS Online features, set up a basic organizational site, and teach you the basics to view and query web maps. We assist you in the initial administration configuration of roles for your users. We will populate your ArcGIS home page with a basic set of web map applications built from existing ArcGIS national and state web services localized to your geographic region. The introductory kick start includes 8 hours of instructor led online sessions in using the ArcGIS Online and web mapping applications, for 1-3 people. The following classes are included: 

  • Introduction to ArcGIS Online 
  • Working with maps in ArcGIS Online 
  • Working with ArcGIS Online applications 
  • Create, edit and share map notes 
Kick Start Packages 
These packages are designed to provide you with mapping solutions to assist you in meeting your local goals, objectives and workflows. We teach you to use and apply the ArcGIS Online map tool and optionally Esri Maps for Office. We assist you in the initial configuration of roles for your users and applying best practices to administer your organizational account. We initially work with you in WebEx meetings to assess your organizational mapping needs, existing data, and resources. We will populate your ArcGIS home page with a basic set of web map applications built from existing ArcGIS national and state web services and selected layers of your own local authoritative GIS data. Each kick start package includes 8 hours of instructor led online sessions in using the ArcGIS Online and web mapping applications, for 1-3 people. We combine additional sessions to match your needs and the solutions you are seeking. 

A full list of our ArcGIS Online and Desktop courses is provided below. 

Examples of our kick start packages configured to provide solutions for specific problems include: 

Address and infrastructure mapping for local government.  This is targeted at small rural counties and cities with limited GIS resources, this package provides field map books, data collection tools, web viewing and editing tools to review, validate and update rural addresses. These are extremely important challenges for rural counties and towns in preparing for next generation 911 and basic county operations. 

Health Applications.  Whether you work in public health, a clinic or hospital, or are a health care provider, we have a package to assist you in improving the quality of care you provide, while increasing your return on investment. Solutions are available to geocode patient locations and community anchor institution records with HIPAA compliant privacy protection. ArcGIS can enable you to generalize health data to allow sharing with partners, non-governmental organizations and combining it with community indicators. ArcGIS Online can assist health advisors and facilitate health team collaboration. 

Open Data.  If your goal is sharing maps and data more widely internally within your organization or with the public, this package focuses on publishing your data for others to access and use with web browser software, smartphones or tablets. This can relieve staff overwhelmed with requests, and make it easier to build, update and maintain the maps and data you distribute internally or with partners, clients, and citizens. 

Map and Data Analysis and Grant Writing. This package emphasizes map and data analysis. The primary focus is on utilizing smartmap functions to visualize your data in different ways, perform basic analysis such as overlays, measuring proximity, accessing census and marketing data. The ability to compare maps and adding demographic, economic and natural resource information is also covered. 

Story Maps. Everyone has stories to tell. Telling stories with maps is a very powerful and attractive way to communicate with others. You may want to market your organization, document an event, create a tour, or provide educational opportunities. Combine photos, videos, web sites with rich content and dynamic maps with these powerful tools. ArcGIS storymaps automatically apply responsive design, so the storymaps can be viewed on multiple platforms from a kiosk, to a web site, to a smartphone, without additional customizations, and then shared via websites, email or social media sites. 

Custom Kick Start & Maintenance 

We will work with you to provide a custom quotation if you have specific needs that don't fit the kick start packages, require a large implementation, or require in depth GIS data development and analysis. We can provide full service administration and support if you don’t have GIS staff or software, and want to use and publish web maps for staff and the public. We have 30 years of experience with GIS and have developed a full range of hands on sessions for using ArcGIS Online. We can help you build the ArcGIS Online site that you want, and "geo enable" your team.